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At a Glance

  • 2 hr / half day / full day

  • For leaders at any level

  • companion feedback tool

  • performance management tool


A Closer Look

Knowing when and how to shift gears from Hand’s On… to a Hand In… to a Hand Off … is critical to developing others. Each require a distinct Style and Focus, yet most coaches get stuck in one gear.


Mismatches are frustrating and costly. Adapting well creates rapport and develops those you coach.


You’ll learn how to apply a simple framework to help you ‘Read and Respond’ effectively to any situation you face, distinguishing between these important variations.


Coaching Styles:

  • Direct

  • Facilitate

  • Delegate


Coaching Focus:

  • Competence

  • Confidence

  • Motivation


Companion Feedback Tool

Adaptive Coach - 360© (optional)



  • Leaders at any level

  • Team Members who want to influence others

  • Organizations with:

    • A need to Manage Performance and Track Progress

    • Leaders promoted for technical expertise

    • Leaders who ‘Over or Under’ Manage


A Performance Management Tool as well

  • Prioritize and agree on key tasks

  • Clarify Performance Goals

  • Rate performance in more detail (using AC model)

  • Communicate on coaching styles to expect and why

  • Track progress over time

Become someone’s Coach of the Year


Help others:

Achieve Results

Reverse Low Performance

Accept Greater Responsibility

Adaptive Coaching

for Leaders©

Developing Talent in Others

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