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Adaptive Leader - 360©

Increase your leadership flexbility

At a Glance

  • Reflects degree of Over & Under Use

  • 6 Complementary Skill Sets

  • Easy online administration

  • Only 36 Questions

  • Written comments

  • 20 page report

  • Detailed Development Guide

  • Targeted Re-Assessment included


A Closer Look

A one size fits all leadership approach is not sustainable because team needs shift, continually and over time ... significantly. The very same style that worked great in one phase may well be the limiting factor in another.


By identifying the degree of Over and Under Use (of 6 pairs of complementary Skill Sets) it becomes clear where a leader's style is a fit and where changes can be most helpful.


The Development Guide then offers practical suggestions to better match your current style with the needs around you. 


Targeted Re-Assessment... is included and requires no extra class time. This follow-up feedback allows the leader to track their progress over time. Click on link for more.



The AL 360 & DISC

The AL360 builds upon and enhances any DISC training. It utilizes the same basic model, a 4 quadrant framework for understanding human behavior. Themes and patterns will emerge clearly and be intuitive to follow. DISC however is NOT a prerequisite of the AL360, just a bonus. 


DISC identifies behavior tendencies… but NOT how well a person may (or may not) be adjusting those tendencies to the situations they're facing. For example, DISC can tell a person that they are a very strong D, but not the degree to which he/she may be appropriately toning down those tendencies to match their current environment.


The AL360 then offers a perspective on how well a leader is adapting leadership behaviors (that have an intuitive connection to the basic DISC styles) to the current situation they lead.


see how DISC and the AL360 fit into the ATL Suite


Where could you be out of sync with your team's current needs?


Do you have leadership strengths that are being maximized into a liability?  


What about your leadership approach is right on the mark?

The grey circle represents a 'Just Right' amount of a particular skill as perceived by those responding.


Respondent scores are indicated by shading. Shading that extends beyond the circle indicates perceived Over Use. Shading that falls short of the circle indicates a perceived Under Use.


The white dots represent self scores, and the black dots represents the leaders' immediate manager's scores.

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