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Team Alignment Scorecard ©

  Feedback Tool & Workshop


2hr / Half Day / Full Day

A workshop built around the Team Alignment Scorecard© where you and your team analyze your team’s feedback, build agreement on key issues, and determine next steps. You’ll create a common language on team needs and have  the overdue discussions now with increased respect and objectivity.

New Team Start Up 

  Jump Start Your Team!  


2hr / Half Day / Full Day / Multi-day

A New Team Workshop built around the Adaptive Team Leadership Model © and filled with experiential learning opportunities. This workshop will walk you through a clear process of clarifying Vision, Goals, Roles, and Responsibilities. Highly interactive, discussion rich… your team will fast forward the process of building trust and opening communication channels.


  • Location: on site, off site of your choice

  • 20 participants max

  • 10 to 1 Trainer / Participant ratio

  • Tuition: depends on options chose


A customized workshop can also include:

  • Blending with Differing Work Styles (DISC and coworker differences)

  • Understanding Differing Values

  • Team Problem Solving Challenges (where the team will observe itself in action and then discuss strengths and potential blindspots)

Speak Up! ©

  4 Steps to Constructive Conversations


2hr / Half Day / Full Day

4 practical steps that are prove into this challenging and essential aspect of leadership & teamwork. Gain confidence from experiencing Effective Dialogue


Improve your team's collaboration, innovation, and results


For… Leaders, Teams, or  Departments


Optional Feedback Tools...  

  • Speak Up! - 360 ©

  • Speak Up! - Team Report ©

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Team Development Workshop

  For Intact Teams


2hr / Half Day / Full Day / Multi-day

We'll work with you do design a program that pinpoints your team's key needs. We'll create a casual, safe, and informative environment that will be highly interactive and feedback rich. You'll leave you with a clear plan for taking your team to the next level. Contact us to discuss options.

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