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Organizational Alignment Scorecard©

Feedback Tool & Workshop for Leadership Teams


Clarity & Agreement ... to reach your next level


The OAS© offers leadership teams a clear and simple view of their organization's strengths and needs. It's built on our common framework that creates a consistent language and understanding of key needs. It's the 4th in our ATL Assessment Series, built on  


Feedback can come from only your leadership team, or can reflect that or your entire organization.


That information is presented in a simple to read model (The Winfrey Adaptive Team Leadership Model), which is broken down into 12 Performance Factors within 4 quadrants.


The OAS Report will present a clean and well orgainized view of your company that you have never seen before. The result will be  engaging discussions and precision plans that move you forward.  




  • 2hr / half day / full day

  • For: Business Owners and Leadership Teams

  • 15 page report

  • Builds upon any previous DISC training or stands alone

  • Quick / Easy online administration

    • 36 questions

    • Written comments

    • 15 min response time


12 Performance Factors within 4 core areas of Organizational Needs:

  • Direction

  • Innovation

  • Synergy

  • Coordination



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