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At A Glance

  • 2hr / half day / full day workshops

  • Feedback on

    • 4 core areas of team needs 

    • 12 team performance factors

  • 15 page report

  • Builds upon any previous DISC training or stands alone

  • Quick / Easy online administration

    • 36 questions

    • Written comments

    • 15 min response time

  • For teams - 15 person max

  • Includes Targeted Re-Assessment (tracks progress over time)


The TAS© is based on a simple model that creates a common language and understanding of the keys to team success.


The feedback scores identify strengths and weaknesses, but the goal is conversation and decisions that lead to action.


Teammates offer feedback on key aspects of team success. That information is presented in an easy to reato read model (The Winfrey Adaptive Team Leadership Model), which is broken down into 12 team Performance Factors within 4 quadrants.


The fog will clear... and focused discussions and decision making can begin in earnest. 



4 Core Team Needs / 12 Performance Factors

  • Direction

    • Mission

    • Performance Goals

    • Deliverables

  • Innovation

    • Customer Knowledge

    • Creative Environment

    • Flexibility

  • Synergy

    • Communication

    • Engagement

    • Trust

  • Coordination

    • Systems

    • Roles

    • Resource


Team Alignment Scorecard©

 Feedback Tool & Workshop


Clarity & Agreement to reach your next level

Shaded areas - reflect teammate average scores


Dots - reflect leader's scores


% Agree - scores are between 0-100 and represent the percentage of respondents that agree that area is a positive for the team

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