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New Team Start Up

custom workshop 


At A Glance 

  • 2hr / half day / full day / 2 days

  • Location: on or off site

  • 15 participants max

  • establish your Team Charter

  • highly interactive / experiential


Fast Forward your building process

This is a highly interactive workshop that will enable your team to hit the ground running.

This will not be a fluffy emotional team experience that soon fades. Instead, your team will do the tough work of agreeing and establishing clarity on Vision, Goals, Roles & Responsibilities.


Key foundations for growth will have been set .. such as ground rules for operating, open channels of communciation, and the beginnings of trust.

Observe Your Team In Action

Through experiential challenges, you and your team will get to see themselves in action. They'll identify potential pitfalls or blindspots and discuss fixes. They'll see their strengths and envision ways to capitalize on them.


Solid Foundation

This will not be a feel good team building experience We'll build around The Adapive Team Leadership Model © and incorporate any DISC or communication training you'd like.



Consider including:  

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