Boost your team's potential by fundamentally changing it's communication culture.


Expect co-workers to improve their ability to... 

resolve conflict with respect

collaborate for better solutions

engage & connect with team members

Workshop Features At A Glance

  • Simple, practical model

  • Highly interactive

  • 2 hr / Half day / Full day

  • Participant Workbooks

  • 2 companion feedback tools (optional)


Learn 4 concise and practical steps to removing barriers and bridging gaps. Identify key actions that will help you work through tense conversations, and how to avoid the negative actions that hinder progress

Companion Feedback Tools (optional)

  • Speak Up - 360©

  • Speak Up - Team Report ©

Workshop Series

Speak Up! for Leaders

Speak Up! for Teams

Speak Up! for Departments

While the core of these workshop remains the same, each caters to unique needs and challenges.

Speak Up! for Leaders

Leadership does not change a person's  communications strengths and weaknesses, it  magnifies them.


We'll discuss and emphasize the opportunities and pitfalls specific to communicating from a leadership role.

Speak Up! for Teams

An excellent team building opportunity. Intact teams can utilize this to find solutions to current team issues.


Speak Up! for Departments

An Inter-Team Workshop

... is unique workshop that is designed to increase communication both within your team and between teams.


With multiple teams present in the same workshop, the first phase focuses on improving intra-team communication as each team works through their own Speak Up-Team Report.


The second phase shifts to improving communication between teams. Each team identifies the key teams they need improved communication with and sends a delegate to those teams. Other team members remain at their table and receive delegates. Following the 4 Speak Up steps, the workshop guides teams to identify ways to improve communication and get clearer on key processes and outputs with smoother handoffs and collaborations.  


"The most important work of the new economy is creating conversations."


- Alan Weber, Fast Company Magazine. 


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