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Goal Feedback System©


Concise Weekly Feedback

Overview: It’s short and sweet, takes only minutes, and provides real life examples to help you make changes.

Once a week for 12 weeks following a workshop, you’ll receive feedback vial email on how you’re doing with the goals you have chosen. This will come 3 co-workers you choose and trust to offer candid comments.

It’s quick and easy process: Each Friday, your feedback givers take about 2-3 minutes to respond an automatic email from the GSF.  Their feedback is then collected and comes to you by way of a short report (about half a page)… that helps you stay focused on implementing your workshop goals into your work habits.


More information…

Why?  Because we all know that development takes time. A workshop can be a great boost, but habits weren’t created in a day and won’t change in a day. Good intentions seldom are enough.

So what if... you leave one of these great workshops with 3 clear goals AND then let a few trusted souls in on exactly what you will be working on? And what if in the weeks that followed, you received brief, consistent feedback from these co-workers on how we were doing?

We believe that in that scenario your prospects for lasting change improve significantly.

The process:

  • attend a workshop

  • identify 2-3 development goals

  • chooses 3 feedback partners

  • each Friday, a computer generated email requests feedback from your feedback partners (about 2 minutes worth)

  • each Monday, a summary email provides the respondent feedbac

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