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The Adaptive Leadership Experience©

Minor Adjustments.. Major Impact!

is a 3 month learning adventure

where mid-level managers (and above) participate in an

inside-out approach to leadership development.

You'll find a highly interactive, feedback rich environment

that will sharpen your awareness of yourself, your leadership approach, and your team.

You'll leave with well-crafted strategies to

increase your flexibility, impact, and long term viability

by helping you better: 

  • capitalize on differing work styles around you

  • read and lead to your team's current needs

  • adapt your leadership under and over uses

  • coach individuals to achieve their next level of potential

​Come learn with us in a safe and serene environment,

build long lasting peer connections,

and discover how to better lead from your natural strengths.


Original: ALP tools bring fresh ideas to a proven framework. You’ll connect insights between 5 naturally inter-related levels of effectiveness: Personal, Inter-Personal, Team, Leadership, & Coaching Others

You’ll build skills and confidence in your ability to: turn team goals into results… blend diverse groups… inspire collaboration… to direct, facilitate, or delegate at the right time and manner. You’ll gain new perspective from in-depth personalized feedback… diverse peer group discussions… and practical concepts.

You’ll leave with strategies to better:

  • utilize your strengths and preferences

  • collaborate with differing styles

  • respond to current team needs

  • adjust your leadership over and under uses

  • coach your direct reports

Key Features:

4 personalized Feedback Tools

Challenging experiential activities

First class venue in a natural setting

3 Months of Follow Up Support

Experienced faculty, low participant / trainer ratio (10-1)




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