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Experience-Based Training Events


From mild to wild, these events are by nature fun, interactive, and engaging… and serve to fast-forward your team’s development.




Custom Designed

Each program is custom designed according to your needs, time, and budget, and can include varying degrees of: physical challenge, social interaction, and team learning. Events can be delivered anywhere you choose, on or offsite… and can run from half day (or less) to multi-days.

Theme Options

We’ll work with you to structure the event to hit your key goals. Potential program goals can include things like: have great fun together, get to know each other better, generate openness and communication, collaboration, team problem solving, DISC work styles in action, shared decision making, leadership, trust building, creative thinking, and more.

Event Options

Outdoor Team Challenges, Indoor Team Challenges, Outdoor Ed-Ventures (canoe, orienteering, hiking)



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